About us


“Fusion continental food and varieties of mocktail to be served….. Experience the nature around you.”


A Bagheera is a sign of loyalty, strength and companionship among its many other traits.

The Black Bagheera symbolizes precisely this. A strong and thick bond between brothers.

Known to be adventurous and playful by nature, both brothers Manoj and Pravin radiate with strength when it comes to each other. The gift of love and food is something that flows through the brothers like the natural courses of rivers blending into the oceans...

TBB is a symbol of their legacy they have given to their sons as a part of their love, heritage and culture for their children, Kartik and Sunny to preserve and take forward.


“The spirit of Black Bagheera is nourished of course through the various areas of presence of Bagheera himself in all his glory”

With a firm sense of rootedness, Twisted Roots has grown beautifully into a strong and trustworthy name into the hearts of the people as well as the restaurant community of Ahmedabad.
“TBB quietly works towards expanding into creating a new identity as newer family members join in, branching out with the strength and establish a footing into the beautiful industry of hospitality for the city. The spirit of Black Bagheera is nourished of course through the various areas of presence of Bagheera himself in all his glory.
The space invites each one into an oasis of tranquillity yet excitement together all woven together into its interiors in different parts of Bagheera; the space also invites a pondering spirit conveyed beautifully through their thinking human miniature sculptures lined up together in the ceiling overlooking at the rhythm and beauty of the jungle beneath…
A raw, rugged and rustic space, The Black Bagheera strives to create a unique dining experience for the Amdavadis who are looking for something different each time they visit a restaurant or a café.
The ambience, colour palette, the tree house, the white miniature stone chips beneath your bare feet in their outdoor space all of the elements infuse a peaceful and chilled out feel to anyone who enters the space. As the name suggests, TBB acts as a quick getaway trip into the wilderness of a rustic setting as close as you can come to, sitting in an urban landscape…worth an experience, worth a visit + a revisit.
“Our doors are now open…welcome to your Black Bagheera!”